Prevention of Medication loss through a Marketplace and Blockchain

“Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of population and economy. Like any other large country, it still has internal problems that affects the quality of life Although it’s a country with a huge potential in many areas, health system remains one of the biggest problems. The lack of medicines in health’s services affects life of millions of people on a daily basis that needs medication for medical treatments Research has shown that this problem has been going on for years and only public healthcare loses about R$ 7 billion a year on medication that have expired. There are also many cases where there is inconsistency in edication storage records and the actual medication present, contributing to the problem and opening doors for public fund misuse and corruption Beyond the waste and social problems, there is incineration costs for the disposal of the medicines and environmental contamination resulting from the process From this point on, we developed a platform that uses the concepts of a marketplace to prevent the loss of medications that are close to expiring.”

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